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Welcome to the premier destination for high ticket sales jobs and opportunities in the UK. Here, we believe in the power of fewer, more valuable transactions. In a landscape dominated by endless sales targets and razor-thin commissions, these opportunities stands apart, spotlighting roles where just four sales a month can redefine your earnings.
Dive into a curated collection of elite sales positions that not only recognise your expertise but reward it generously. Whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or an ambitious professional seeking lucrative horizons, discover opportunities where quality truly trumps quantity.

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  • All opportunities pay a minimum of £1,000 in commission per sale – and remember, many offer significantly higher commissions, rewarding your expertise even further.
  • Work with premium products or services that attract serious buyers.
  • Spend more time understanding client needs and less time chasing countless leads.
  • Achieve an above average UK wage with a sale per week.
  • Diversify your professional network by engaging with high-calibre clients and businesses.
  • With substantial commissions and fewer transactions required, high ticket sales position you on a fast track to achieving and even surpassing your financial aspirations.
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We have a number of clients looking for high-ticket sales professionals.

Selling high-ticket services and products can be very lucrative and if you have experience with high-ticket closing we encourage you to check out the active opportunities below. If you are new to high-ticket sales jobs you can learn more about it further down at this page.

Latest High Ticket Sales Jobs

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Cloud Mammoth

Cloud Mammoth was formed by industry veterans who saw the value in merging the strengths of multiple consultancies. Specializing within…

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Robson Brown International Ltd

At RBI Medical, a division of Robson Brown International Ltd, we are revolutionising safety for patients, clients, and staff with…

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Get Fed

At GetFed, a part of Robson Brown International Ltd, we are redefining staff dining and corporate catering in London. We…

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ParagonIT Pty Ltd

Based in Australia, ParagonIT Pty Ltd is a trusted IT Managed Services Provider, boasting a 100% customer retention rate since…

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Vidbrain revolutionises customer engagement with cutting-edge solutions, including immersive video, data storytelling, and AI-powered marketing. Since 2017, we’ve been transforming…

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eba Interiors UK LIMITED

eba Interiors marks a new chapter for Santos, Spain’s renowned high-end furniture manufacturer with a rich heritage spanning over 70…

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At Esya, we’re revolutionizing the domain of international employment with our cutting-edge Employer of Record (EOR) and bespoke payroll services.…

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Touch Automated Retail

Touch Automated Retail & CaffiCo. Coffee specialise in elevating the coffee experience in corporate workplaces and similar environments. Our company…

Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway has been operating since 1879. Through years of fine-tuning, our Norwegian knitwear offers superior long-lasting qualities. We…

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Ezobord UK Ltd.

Hailing from Canada and making waves in 23 countries, Ezobord is not just another manufacturer; it’s where design meets superior…

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HOUSE OF BANI, with over a decade of fashion excellence, is celebrated for dressing high-profile clients and Bollywood celebrities such…

Thomas Scott & Co

Thomas Scott & Co operates as an esteemed independent business brokerage with its foundations in Surrey hills and London, yet…

Diamond Phoenix Automation

It is our great pleasure to present an exciting new opportunity from one of the UK’s leading intralogistics agents. Diamond…

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Pioneers in dust suppression systems, HENNLICH ENGINEERING is a name synonymous with precision and expertise. With a quarter of a…

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The concept behind the Maestoso brand is a fusion of rigorous geometric design inspired from architecture and the timeless elegance…

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Energy Solutions Alliance

Energy Solutions Alliance (ESA) is committed to energy efficiency and renewable energy production. As a team, we help every customer…

SAP Leads can be provided

Eracons doo

Eracons is a IT consulting company that specialises in helping businesses improve their operational infrastructure with a strong focus on…


Founded in 1929 in Italy, Magaldi Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of steel belt conveyors to handle materials in severe conditions –…

Unior d.d. Special Machines

Unior Special Machines is a Slovenian manufacturer of special purpose CNC machines for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers in the…

Elevate Your Candidacy
Essential Strategies for High Ticket Sales Jobs

Diving into the world of high ticket sales? As you navigate this elite sales arena, it’s pivotal to set yourself apart from the competition. Here, we’ve distilled essential tips to enhance your application, ensuring you stand out as a top-tier candidate for premium sales roles.

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Research the Company and Product

Understand the company’s history, its product offerings, and its target audience. Demonstrating a deep understanding of what you’re selling and who you’re selling to is essential in high ticket sales.

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Customise the CV and Cover Letter

Rather than sending a generic CV and cover letter, tailor them specifically for the position. Highlight past experiences that are particularly relevant to high ticket sales, such as dealing with prolonged sales cycles or catering to high-end clientele.

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Quantify Achievements

In the sales world, numbers speak louder than words. Include specific achievements on your CV, such as “Increased sales revenue by 35% year-on-year” or “Successfully closed a deal worth £500,000 within six months.”

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Showcase Soft Skills:

High ticket sales often require a nuanced approach, emphasising relationship-building and understanding client needs. Highlighting soft skills like effective communication, negotiation, and empathy can be a distinct advantage.

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Use Recommendations and Referrals:

If you have contacts within the industry or previous clients who can vouch for your skills and expertise, leverage them. A glowing recommendation can be a significant differentiator.

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Show Commitment to Continued Learning:

Sales techniques, tools, and the market itself evolve constantly. Demonstrating your commitment to ongoing professional development, such as taking courses or attending workshops, shows initiative and a proactive attitude.

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Prepare for the Interview:

If you get an interview, anticipate questions they might ask. Prepare examples from your past where you’ve faced challenges, built strong relationships, or managed lengthy sales cycles. This not only shows your experience but your ability to reflect and learn.

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Ask Thoughtful Questions:

At the end of the interview, when you’re given a chance to ask questions, make them count. Inquire about the company’s sales strategies, target audiences, or challenges they face. This showcases your genuine interest in the high-ticket sales role and the company.

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Follow Up:

After the interview, send a thank you note or email. It’s a gesture that demonstrates professionalism and eagerness for the role.

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Present a 30-60-90 Day Plan:

If you’re advancing in the interview process, consider presenting a plan outlining your strategies and actions for the first three months. This will not only showcase your initiative but also provide a glimpse of your strategic thinking and how you plan to approach the role.

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Demonstrate Adaptability:

High ticket sales can often involve dealing with unexpected situations or pivoting strategies. Showing your flexibility and adaptability can make you stand out as a candidate prepared for the complexities of high ticket sales.

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Leverage Your Network:

In high ticket sales, established relationships are invaluable. Having a trusted network of contacts boosts your candidacy. Employers prize candidates who grasp high ticket sales intricacies and come with a ready list of contacts. Highlight in your application that you offer an immediate network, promising a swift return on investment for the firm.

Applying for a high ticket sales position is as much about demonstrating your expertise in sales as it is about showcasing your character, dedication, and ability to understand and cater to a discerning clientele.

Is High Ticket Sales for You?

Embarking on a career in high ticket sales requires a unique blend of patience, relationship-building, and a keen ability to demonstrate value. Before you delve deeper, ask yourself if these attributes resonate with you:

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Unlike more transactional sales roles, high ticket sales often come with extended sales cycles. This means that you might spend considerable time nurturing a single lead. Are you patient enough to engage in multiple meetings, presentations, or discussions, all while steadily building trust and demonstrating value?

High ticket sales are as much about forging genuine relationships as they are about selling a product or service. Can you cultivate trust, not just through words but consistent actions over time? And more importantly, do you enjoy nurturing these professional relationships?

In high ticket sales, the focus isn’t on making numerous quick sales but on establishing the undeniable value of a premium product or service. Are you adept at highlighting value propositions and tailoring your approach to discerning clientele?

By pondering these aspects, you can gain clarity on whether the world of high ticket sales aligns with your strengths and preferences.

Common Missteps in High Ticket Sales

Diving into the world of high ticket sales? As you navigate this elite sales arena, it’s pivotal to set yourself apart from the competition. Here, we’ve distilled essential tips to enhance your application, ensuring you stand out as a top-tier candidate for premium sales roles.

By acknowledging and sidestepping these pitfalls, you stand to enhance your success rate in high ticket sales, fostering client satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

  • Not Understanding the Customer’s Needs:

Bypassing a deep dive into the customer’s specific needs and objectives may result in misaligned solutions.

  • Pushing Too Hard for a Sale:

Remember, subtlety is key. An aggressive stance can repel clients making substantial investment choices.

  • Ignoring Decision-Makers:

It’s essential to connect with all involved in the decision-making process; missing out on even one person can jeopardise the deal.

  • Poor Follow-Up:

Given the lengthy sales cycles, regular, purposeful follow-ups are non-negotiable.

  • Lack of Personalization:

Proposals must resonate with the client’s unique needs, lest they appear detached and generic.

  • Offering Discounts Too Quickly:

Negotiate on terms and additional perks rather than hastily slashing prices, which can devalue your proposition.

  • Ignoring the Competition:

A comprehensive awareness of competitors and your unique edge prevents potential clients from lingering doubts.

  • Unrealistic Expectations:

Overpromising can lead to later disappointments and mistrust.

  • Failing to Demonstrate Value:

A clear value proposition is indispensable. Falling short in articulating the benefits can see opportunities slip away.

  • Not Building Trust:

Eroding trust, whether through overpromises or misrepresentations, is a fast route to losing potential sales.

  • Ignoring Post-Sale Relationship:

Beyond the sale lies the relationship. Neglecting this phase can lead to client disillusionment.

  • Lack of Preparation:

Knowledge is power. Stepping into discussions underprepared can tarnish your credibility.

  • Neglecting Referrals and Testimonials:

Positive testimonials are golden; not leveraging them is a missed chance to bolster your standing.

  • Failing to Utilise Technology:

Modern sales thrive on tech. Bypassing CRM tools or analytics can set you back.

  • Not Adapting to Customer Feedback:

A refusal to pivot based on client feedback can stymie growth and potential deals.

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The Sales Gurus on High Ticket Sales

Excelling in High Ticket Sales demands an unwavering commitment to honing one’s abilities. To remain ahead, it’s vital to continually cultivate not only an understanding of your industry but also your sales skills. An invaluable element of this growth journey is learning from seasoned experts.

We regularly engage with sales experts and high ticket sales gurus to bring you their insights. Here, you can absorb invaluable lessons straight from the crème de la crème. We also urge you to explore their websites for further enlightening content, ensuring you’re always learning from the best.

Person Image

Anita Saini on High Ticket Sales

Person Image

Bruce King: The Tale of His $11 Million Sale and Top Tips for High Ticket Sales Mastery.

FAQs on High Ticket Sales

High ticket sales refer to the act of selling premium-priced items, often resulting in substantial commissions for the salesperson. In a broad sense, it pertains to transactions where both the cost of the item and the potential commission are notably higher than average. For clarity on our platform, we define high ticket sales as those opportunities where sales professionals earn a minimum commission of £1,000 per transaction. It’s worth noting that many such roles come with even heftier commission rates. Hence, with just a handful of these sales each month, a salesperson can achieve an above-average UK wage, if not significantly more.

High ticket sales focus on products or services with higher price points. As a result, they involve a longer sales cycle, more in-depth relationship-building with clients, and a greater emphasis on demonstrating value rather than volume.

While having an existing network can be a significant advantage, success in high ticket sales jobs is also about building and nurturing relationships, understanding the product’s value proposition, and being patient and persistent through extended sales cycles.

While it’s technically possible to enter high ticket sales without a background in sales, having prior sales experience is a clear and significant advantage. Companies often look for proven sales achievements and the ability to navigate sales processes, especially given the challenges and nuances of high ticket sales. That said, if you possess exceptional relationship-building skills, a deep understanding of the product or industry, and demonstrate a passion for sales, some companies might be willing to consider your application.

Tailoring your cover letter, showcasing quantifiable achievements, highlighting soft skills, and demonstrating a commitment to continued learning are some ways. Moreover, leveraging any existing professional networks or contacts can also give you an edge.

It varies based on the industry and product, but high ticket sales generally involve extended sales cycles, ranging from a few weeks to several months or even longer.

Many high ticket sales roles offer substantial commissions to incentivise sales. However, the compensation structure can vary, with a few roles offering a base salary plus commission, while most will be purely commission-based.

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